ABOUT Discordia

DISCORDIA is the largest transport and logistics company in Bulgaria. We are an established leader on the Balkans and in the top 20 on the European market with more than 30 years of history and experience in the business. We offer services in three directions: international road transport, including our own fleet of over 1600 trucks and auto forwarding services covering all Europe; rail freight forwarding and sea and air freight forwarding, providing transportation to all parts of the world. Currently, the company is actively working with over 70 countries (40 of them are in Europe) and it is constantly expanding its global coverage.

DISCORDIA has offices in Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Romania, and the company employs more than 2400 people with the ambition to increase their number to 10,000 by 2030.

The company has a remarkable reputation and has won the trust of thousands of partners and customers. At the end of 2022, we conducted an international NPS survey among them to measure their satisfaction with our working relationship, which showed a record result for the industry. DISCORDIA received extremely high recognition and an average rating of 8.7 out of a maximum of 10 as the level of satisfaction. The propensity of our customers and partners, they to recommend the company is 67, which is more than twice the average level for the countries of the EMEA region (according to data from Ipsos CX lens platforms).

Becoming a technological leader in the industry is among the goals and ambitions of DISCORDIA . We have already started working in this direction, investing in the integration of digital and innovative software solutions of the latest generation. They will help us optimize various key business processes in the organization and provide an increasingly better customer experience.

And last but not least, we are socially responsible and eco-oriented. In 2022, we were even officially recognized for our driving policy, which contributes to a significant reduction of harmful emissions.

Management Board

Hristo Hristov

Founder and CEO

Galina Hristova

Founder and a member of the Management Board

Kalin Petrov

Deputy CEO

Cvetomir Uzunov


Dimitar Sekulov

Director International Trucking Division

Hristo Apostolov

Director Road Forwarding

Alexander Atanassov

Director Ocean&Air Forwarding

Ivan Bassan

Commercial Director 

Oleksandra Onyshchuk

Director DISCORDIA Ukraine

Dimitar Neshovski

Director Rail Forwarding

Jan Vaytilingam

HR Director

Krasimir Atanasov

IT Director

DISCORDIA through the years

The beginning
DISCORDIA was established in Varna.
First vehicles
Our first two trucks SKODA were bought via credit; launch of transport services in Eastern and Western Europe.
20 own trucks & freight forwarding team
Our own truck fleet has grown to 20 vehicles and a team of professionals has been formed, which lay the foundations of our forwarding business.
Our own truck fleet has grown to 20 vehicles and a team of professionals has been formed, which lay the foundations of our forwarding business
Two offices outside the Headquarters have been opened– one in Rousse and one in Sofia.
Office in Ukraine
DISCORDIA’s first international office has been opened. It is in Kiev, Ukraine.
Railway transport department
A Railway freight transport department was established in Varna.
Sea&Air forwarding department
A Sea & Air freight forwarding transport department was established in Sofia.
First VOLVO Trucks
First new 5 VOLVO trucks were bought.
DISCORDIA received an approval from the European Commission of the SRAFAS (Strategic Restructuring and Financial Advisory Service) project from the Phare program.
Office in Romania
DISCORDIA’s office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania was established.
New wagons § Franchising activity
Our first 20 wagons type Hbills were purchased and our franchising activity started with 20 wagons under the DISCORDIA’s brand.
ERP § Dynafleet systems
An ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a vertical NaviTrans solution was implemented, which is a first for Bulgaria. DISCCORDIA is the first Bulgarian company to implement Dynafleet - the Volvo fleet management system.
РGrowth of own fleet
Transition to a highly efficient model for significant growth of own fleet.
The internal document “The Rise of Discordia” was initiated, that includes our values and aspirations.
Introduction of the Lean model
A new model for optimizing our work processes (Lean) was introduced in the organization.
New office and high growth
DISCORDIA scored a significant growth - the fleet of over 1300 own trucks; a team of over 2000 employees. Following the great expansion, the company added another office in Sofia.
High customer satisfaction
The first NPS survey among customers and partners of Discordia has been done - a coefficient of 8.7 out of 10 is customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend is 67 compared to 30 for the EMEA region.

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