We are one of the leaders in the Transport&Logistics sector. We work with the best technologies and implement innovative business methods to optimize and improve our work and processes.

We grow fast and expand worldwide, having a strong network with partners and clients all around the world.

We invest not only in technology and innovations, but in our employees as well. Our team is strong and cohesive and each of our employees has a deep impact and value in our organization.

Why choose DISCORDIA?

Professional and personal development

We support our employees and give them the opportunity to show their potential.

Diverse and dynamic projects

Working at DISCORDIA is interesting and challenging.

International environment

We operate in dozens of markets and have offices in three countries - Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

Career opportunities

We promote our employees internally and stimulate them to develop within the company.

Top office

We have modern offices that offer comfort, style and a sense of coziness.

Caring for people

We value feedback from our employees, we want them to be satisfied and happy.

С какво се отличават хората в нашия екип:

What makes our team stand out:

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