Rail transport

DISCORIDIA’s rail freight forwarding division efficiently manages both domestic and international rail transportation throughout Europe, the CIS, Turkey, and the Middle East. Established in 1993 in Varna, our railway department is staffed by experienced professionals who possess extensive expertise in this specialized domain of transportation and logistics. Additionally, the strategic positioning of our operations allows us to provide accurate and reliable ferry services within the Black Sea region.

Comprehensive and All-Inclusive Services

We go beyond the provision of wagons for transportation; our services encompass transshipment operations, reinforcement of oversized cargoes, and preparation of transport documents. By offering this comprehensive approach, we ensure superior quality and multifaceted solutions for our valued customers.

Trust and Reputation

Thanks to our well-established reputation within the industry and our extensive network of trusted partners, we have the capability to organize rail transportation to nearly every rail station in Europe and Asia. Rest assured that if you entrust your cargo with us, it is in safe hands and will be delivered to its intended final destination. 


Rail Transport


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